"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers

About The Company
Established in 1998, about to celebrate our 20th year, The Tentpeg Murderers are Glasgow based and provide astonishing murder mysteries and interactive events throughout Scotland.

We are Scotland's longest established and finest murder mystery company.

Our murder mysteries are high-comedy farce without losing the need for a clever intriguing plot. Whether you enjoy the murder, the mystery, the humour, the costumes, the camaraderee, the atmosphere, the intrigue or just the mayhem, there is a whole world of personality in our Murderers just waiting to be discovered. You can stretch the little grey cells as much or as little as you like; sit back and enjoy or be your very own Poirot. Although we can't guarantee you will guess whodunit we can guarantee the experience will be anything but dull.

We specialise in tailoring events to suit your venue, event and guests and are happy to compose a bespoke script especially for you.

Our Mass Murderers are all highly trained and experienced actors. Some have been with us from the very begining making Tentpeg a true family endeavour.

A Typical Murder
Our mysteries can be tailored to suit any venue and event, and after 20 years of experimenting and fine-tuning we like to think we know what works - just great quality fun from start to finish.

Over Drinks - Once everyone has a drink in hand the performers burst in unannounced, unfurling their tales of affairs, lost riches, intrigue, long lost relatives, and sordid secrets. But before you can wonder if anybody is actually who they say they are.... somebody dies.

Over Dinner - The characters dine with you, regailing, entertaining, poking a little fun at your guests, and you are invited to interrogate each of the suspects in turn. You can sit back and listen, or grill them with your finest detective skills, it's entirely up to you.

Over Coffee - Once you have all of the facts (and red herrings) you draw your conclusions - Whodunit? How they dunit? and Why they dunit? Finally, with a lot of heckling, the characters read out and ridicule your answers, before revealing the clues and the truth behind the murder.

Laugh? I nearly died!
Choose our classic fireside mystery, or select a script from our huge collection of themes. Suitable for ages ten, to a hundred-and-ten, we have scripts that are perfect for everything from family celebrations, to corporate events and hen nights.

Comedy Dining & Interactive Experiences
If a murder feels too much, but you still wish to make your event unique and exciting, we can bring two or three interactive and recognisable characters to meet and greet, entertain and chaperone your guests - offering just a taste of the Tentpeg experience.


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