"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers

Mrs Bright - the household cook, and neighbourhood gossip

"Oh! The scandal! Honestly, as if it weren't enough that her ladyship has been having her end away with the Count, God rest his soul. I wouldn't mind but that was a full sink of washing water ruined with all the blood. Truth is, Betty from down the Hound & Haggis says the Count has been seeing some strumpet from Carlton Hill and was planning on moving in with her. It's good riddance if you ask me. But then Father Bogey's heard all this, I go to confession as good as gold I do, though between you and me his sermons have been getting a bit heated for my taste of late. No one wants to hear about Hell first thing on a Sunday, it's bells and angels we want thank you very much, except for Mrs McCallum who snores through just about every sermon the good Father...
Pardon? A weapon? I'll give you a weapon! The back of my hand if you don't watch your tongue. Do you see any blood on my skirt or pinny? Well, do you? Any more of that lip and you'll get this rolling pin wrapped about around your noggin!"

Mrs Bright is dressed entirely in white with a pinny and housekeeper's bonnet. She is carrying a well used rolling pin but nothing else.

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