"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers

Father Bogey - the local priest and regular at the Bluetit Manor

"I am afraid that I only deliver the word of God, and not the vengeance of God. Not that the Count wasn't guilty of provoking the anger of the Lord. What do I mean? Oh, well alright, if truth be told he was a cad who deserved to die. There, I've said it. Leading the devout Mrs Bluetit astray the way he did, leading her into temptation and ruining her fidelity! The man really was an evil bounder. Don't get me wrong, Mrs Bluetit has a beauty that would turn most people's heads. I must say that even I have been tempted on occasion. I think you should turn your attentions towards that cook of Mrs Bluetit's, she's the one who knows her way round that kitchen, and if you ask me has the depraved nature to do such a thing. The way she scowls is probably enough to kill a man. Sometimes I think my number's up just for walking dirt into the red carpets!"

The Father wears a white suit, being off duty, and a fetching pair of cream loafers.

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