"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers
 If Murder Mysteries aren’t what you’re after, we also offer interactive theatre and performance that can create a fantastic atmosphere, break the ice and make your event special. From a Housecall of 1 or 2 characters to meet and great your guests, pose for selfies and raise the roof, to Comedy Dining, where your guests can spend quality time with their favourite characters.

Comedy Dining - Eat dinner with your favourite characters 

Dinner with Sherlock Holmes - Dine & drink with the world's greatest detective, his friends and his foes. fall under the spell of Irene Adler and have your tea poured by Moriarty.

 Munch with the McMunsters – A Halloween Special. Get up close and personal as you dine with the morbid McMunsters and their closest fiends. Meet Herman, Wednesday, Morticia and Uncle McFester.

A Pantomime Special - Dine & laugh with the people of Panto-Land in this unique seasonal experience. Meet Prince Charming, The Queen of Tarts, The Fugly Sisters, Jaffar, and Captain Hook.

The Great British Comedy - Dine yourself silly with classic TV comedy characters at your table to keep you laughing while you eat. They don’t make them like this any more… and perhaps there’s a good reason!

Housecalls - Meet and Greet, Comedy Conversation, Disco Dancing and #Selfies

Halloween Housecall - Pick from Gore the Ghoul, The Monster Mistress, Satan Himself, Count Backwards and Witch Way

Baker Street Housecall - Pick from Sherlock, Watson, Mrs Hudson, Moriarty and Irene Adler

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