"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers

Mrs Bluetit -
lady of the manor, and a little highly strung

"I invited the Count here. I am after all having an affair with the man. I thought everybody knew. My vampire of a husband has been leeching my wealth dry for long enough, with his miserable business ventures. It was all my wealth I tell you! The Count and I had an intimate liaison in the kitchen and then I left him there, the kitchen floor was awfully cold and so I insisted we....
"What's that? A weapon? Well I really wouldn't know how to kill someone, I don't even have a letter opener, I have my cook do that for me, we used to have a butler but with my husband spending the way he does one simply cannot afford it. I would cast my eye over that cook of mine don't you know, apparently her husband died in suspicious circumstances, her cooking if you ask me! One simply cannot get the staff these days."

Mrs Bluetit is resplendent in a red dress and stilettos and carries nothing else other than a red feather boa.

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