"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers

Major Rumpus - retired serviceman and an old suitor of Mrs Bluetit's

"What? Speak up won't you. My hearing's never been the same since that shrapnel landed in my ears back in the war don't you know. What? Oh, yes. Dark business this, having dead bodies in the kitchen, poor show, what, and damned unhygienic to boot. The Count's been here at the house quite a lot recently, especially since Mr Bluetit went away on business. Who me? Kill the Count? Most certainly not! I saved his life back in the war. Dragged him from the remains of a bombed out trench I did. That's how he came to be staying in the village, visiting his old commanding officer, see. I would never harm one of my own men, never, what.

"What, what? Weapons. Well of course I have access to a weapon, I always carry my trusty pistol with me, though I have to tell you, the last time I saw blood like that there was more than just a bullet involved. I remember this one time, in the Ardenne, when I fell behind enemy lines and had to use a combine harvester as a get away, well when I saw an entire platoon heading towards me I just ploughed on full steam ahead and ...."

The Major is dressed in his usual light khaki evening attire and has impeccably polished shoes and buttons.

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