"The perfect finale to our celebrations"                        The Tentpeg Murderers
Solve The Mystery!

Count Backwards (from Tensylvania) has been discovered belly up in the kitchen of the Bluetit Manor.

His normally distinguished figure is sprawled out across the tiled floor, surrounded by a veritable Jackson Pollok of his own blood. The floor, walls, door and even the soap suds in the belfast sink are a beautiful shade of rouge. With so much blood it is impossible to tell how he was killed. The only discernible clue is a single bare footprint in the blood, heading towards the door. What was he doing in the house so late at night? Who murdered him and how? Where is Tensylvania? Only YOU can find out the truth! Interrogate the following suspects, who were the only persons present at the Bluetit Manor. All four are assembled in the great hall, sipping tea and whisky in front of a fading fire, and look guilty as sin. Click on each one to question them about the murder!

Mrs Bluetit
rolling pin
Mrs Bright

Father Bogey
Major Rumpus


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